flying dogs
Dog jumps into the pool during the Flying Dogs competition in Kamnik, Slovenia, September 10, 2016.reuters

Now that the Rio Olympics has gotten over and the Paralympics is drawing to a close, most voyeuristic pseudo-adrenaline junkies will be left wishing for more action.

Well, look no further. Slovenia, the country in Central Europe known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes, just concluded it's second flying dog competition.

Yes! Flying Dogs!  But before you let your imagination run amok and your morals kick in forcing you to lodge a complaint with PETA, note that they are not tied to jet packs or rockets or shot out of a cannon. And nor is this about flying in airplanes.

Dock jumping or dock diving is a dog sport where canines compete to set the record for jumping the longest distance and height from a dock into a body of water. The sport has gained prominence and has its own leagues and divisions with attractive cash prizes for owners and a title and badge of respect and recognition for the animal.

In the three day flying dog festival, held recently in Kamnik, Slovenia, each canine is placed anywhere on to the 10m platform. They then dash into the water to chase a toy that is thrown.

The distance is judged from the end of the platform to where the dog breaks the water's surface. Here are some pictures from the event: