As the entire world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, a mysterious brain illness detected in Canada is baffling medical experts. According to reports, 48 people are hit with this unknown neurological disease, and out of these people, six have already succumbed to the illness. 

Investigation launched by an expert committee

Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told the press that the mysterious illness has been detected in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. 

"The discovery of a potentially new and unknown syndrome is scary. I know that New Brunswickers are concerned and confused about this potential neurological syndrome," said Shephard. 

Brain illness in Canada
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Shephard also added that an expert committee has been formed to investigate more about this newly detected neurological syndrome. The expert committee will carry out a complete clinical review of every patient who is suffering from this brain illness. 

"The mandate of the oversight committee is to provide expert second opinions on the identified cases, to ensure due diligence, and to rule out other potential causes," added Shephard. 

According to medical experts, some of the most common symptoms of this illness are memory problems, muscle spasms, balance issues, difficulty walking, blurred vision, visual hallucinations, pain in the upper and lower limbs, and behavioral changes. 

Cell phone towers and Covid shots behind new illness?

As the scare looms up, a section of people in the country has started claiming that cell phone towers and Covid vaccine shots could be the main reason behind the trigger of this new illness. According to these conspiracy theorists, the government is well aware of this mysterious disease that was first detected in 2015, and now, the number of people who are affected by the disease has increased. 

However, Shephard declined to say if the experts are investigating any specific environmental factors. 

"We can't have a narrow focus here. We must examine any and all possibilities, and as those possibilities evolve, we'll certainly share them with you. We need to allow the science to do their investigation and their work, and by focusing on any one element could just take us in the wrong direction," Shephard told reporters.