Amid rise in crimes against Dalits, another shocking incident has surfaced in which an elderly man was brutally beaten and forced to drink urine Uttar Pradesh's Lalitpur.

A 65-year-old Dalit man was allegedly beaten and forced to drink urine in Village Roda by a person against whom the victim's family had filed a police complaint a week ago. Accused was forcing the old man and his son to compromise and take back the police complaint.

Dalit man

The elderly man, Amar a resident of Roda village, "A person called Sonu Yadav was forcing me to drink his urine, filled in a cup. When I refused, he attacked me with a stick. He had attacked my son with an axe, a few days ago & we had complained against him to police. So he was forcing us to compromise." 

Mirza Manzar Beg, SP, Lalitpur said, "Few influential people thrashed 2 villagers in Roda village. Police registered an FIR as soon as it was informed. Main accused has been arrested & search is on for others involved in this case. We won't tolerate any sort of bullying."