As expected, Mercedes and Ferrari have been the top two teams in the 2015 Formula One season, however, the biggest surprise has been Force India, who are fifth in the constructors' championship with 77 points.

Force India, who are even ahead of teams such as Lotus and Sauber, are looking better with five more races to go, before the season comes to an end. This has been made possible by Force India drivers -- Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez -- who have both been in amazing form this season.

Perez and Hulkenberg lie on 10th and 11th positions in the drivers' standings with 39 and 38 points respectively. Both the drivers have been amongst the points consistently, which has helped the team become a force this season.

Hulkenberg was in top form in the Japanese GP on Sunday, as he finished sixth, after starting the race from 13th position. The jump in places came about, as he was aggressive early on.

"A great result today and realistically sixth was the maximum we could achieve. I made a really good start and jumped a couple of cars away from the line, and then stayed on the inside going into turn one, which turned out to be a good decision," PTI quoted Hulkenberg as saying.

"By turn two I was up in eighth, close up behind the Lotuses and actually they were holding me up during the first stint. The team pitted me early to undercut them and we then out-raced them with our stronger pace. It was a lonely race for me, but effective."

Though Hulkenberg might have picked up eight points from the race in Japan, the other Force India driver -- Perez -- could not register a single point. The finish was a huge disappointment for Perez, who finished the last three F1 races in 5th, 6th and 7th positions.

"Unfortunately, my race was an uphill battle from the first corner: I saw Massa going slowly in the centre of the track and had to avoid him, and that's when I got the hit [from Sainz]. We tried to recover and I did all I could to get back into the points, but even our best was not enough," said Perez.

Both the Force India drivers will be eager to be amongst the points in the next race of the season -- the Russian Grand Prix -- on 11 October.