Football Manager 2014
Football Manager 2014 will be released on Oct

Developer Sports Interactive and publisher Sega have announced the availability of beta access of upcoming football management simulation video game, Football Manager 2014. However, the two-week availability is restricted to patrons who have pre-ordered the game.

This is the first time that this series is being released for Linux-based devices. The PlayStation Vita version of the game is called Football Manager Classic 2014.

Features (Football Manager Website):

  • The game will have 'cloud-save' technology allowing mangers to keep track of single career from any computer.
  • It will also provide integration with Steam Workshop that will allow managers to create and share customized Football Manager content.
  • It will contain a realistic transfer module with realistic approach with the addition of 'real world' transfer clauses like loaning a player back, cash and loaning of players and sub bench appearance fee.
  • The 'turn-based' system of transfer negotiations can be carried out. It involves live system too.
  • Provides enhanced interaction between players, managers, rivals and the media. An end-of-season meeting has also been added.
  • There have been important changes in the user interface. Redesigned areas include: training overview page, transfer centre and news homepage. Language used in the game is close to that in the real world football.
  • 3D match engine has been enhanced with better AI, lighting, player animation, individual player character, kit models, realistic player reaction to on-field incidents and more.
  • The tactics and strategies employed have been overhauled with prominence for new player roles.
  • A realist approach provided to managers and boards where managers can renegotiate transfer and wage budgets if loyal and are offered with job by another club.
  • There has been an overhaul of the news system with the manager's inbox having only club related news. News will be color coded.
  • More than three playable nations can be chosen in Classic mode.

Beta Access:

Pre-ordered players were given beta access, however, GamingBolt lists the issues in the beta version:

  • There is still work being done on the way AI managers and other staffs pick teams, so in some cases they may not be making the most ideal team selection.
  • There may be the occasional incident where the goalkeeper makes a poor attempt at a save.
  • There may be the occasional incident where you see wild back passes.
  • There is some balancing work on-going to the talking round of unhappy players.
  • There is still some balancing work to be done to the MLS Trade system.
  • FMC Match Plans left to assistant may sub players earlier than specified.


Players will have 51 playable nations with 117 playable leagues. Players also have the option of bringing lower level leagues into an existing league and can also create new leagues with games and competitions that can be customized.

Release Date:

The game will be released on Oct 31, 2013 for PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation Vita.