Ajith's Viswasam
Ajith in Viswasam.PR Handout

Days after the Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu, a shocking video has surfaced online. The footage of two women yelling at Ajith Kumar and his wife Shalini has now gone viral. [Scroll down for the video]

In the video, Ajith and Shalini are seen coming out of the polling booth even as two women are venting their anger at cops for apparently giving VIP treatment to the celebrity couple. The incident occurred at a booth in Chennai's Thiruvanmiyur primary school. It looks like she was unhappy with the celebrity couple for breaking the queue and casting their votes.

In the clip, one among the two is seen fuming at Shalini, who looks shocked to receive the tongue-lashing from a stranger. And before she got closer to Ajith, she was held back by the police. The other woman too was hurling abuses at the actor. 

This clip has now become a tool for Ajith's critics to attack him. Many fans have complained that the likes of Rajinikanth, Vijay, Suriya and many others stood in the queue and cast their votes which was not the same in Ajith's case.

However, upon closely observing the videos of Ajith, it becomes clear that there was a huge crowd around the polling booth which had gathered to get a glimpse of the actor. One gets an impression that he might have skipped the queue based on the advice given by the cops to avoid untoward incident.

Moreover, it is said that if Ajith had stood in the queue, the situation could have created more trouble for the commoners. Notably, there are ample instances where Ajith stood in queues and never behaved like a star in the public.