In the upcoming episode titled "The Pursuer" of popular anime series "Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma," also known as "Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Second Plate," it seems that during a Shokugeki battle, Yukihira Soma's competitor Takumi Aldini will lose in the quarter finals of the Autumn Elections, much to the shock of the fans.

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Mimasaka Subaru, one of the prominent characters from the manga counterpart, debuted in the anime series with Episode 3. According to Yibada, belonging from Team B, he was ranked fourth in the preliminaries with a score of 91. With such score, Marui and Ibusaki were pushed out of Top 4.

In "The Pursuer," the fourth Shokugeki match between Takumi Aldini and Mimisaka Subaru will take place after Mimasaka insulted Takumi's younger brother Isami and mocked their Italian style of cooking. To ensure his win, Mimasaka sneaks a gum in the tournament and puts in on Aldini's Mezzaluna (A curved knife shaped like half moon).

If Mimasaka wins the Shokugeki, he will acquire Takumi's Mezzaluna and if Takumi wins, Mimasaka will make fun of himself in front of the viewers and the judges. If the story follows the manga plot, Mimasaka will win his 99th Shokugeki and will take Takumi's knife as a token of his victory.

The current theme of the Shokugeki is desserts. Though the audiences expected Takumi to prepare a gelato, he ended up making Semifreddo. Mimasaka also cooked the same dish, however, his preparation had some additional touches.

It is still unsure whether the fourth episode will exactly follow the manga story or not. If it happens, Mimasaka will be declared the winner and he will move to semifinals, where he will finally get to compete against Soma.