In the upcoming episode titled Pomp and Circumstance of Food Wars season 2, it seems that Soma is determined to gain Shino's trust at any cost.

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After making it to the next level of the Stagiaire, Soma met Shinomiya again and decided to work in his new French restaurant that was located in Tokyo. However, the very first day, Soma realised that working at Shino's restaurant is really tough as he often found himself falling behind the other staff.

Worried that he might fail the next stage, Soma spent most of his free time in the next week seeking the help of other staff members and asking them on how to be more efficient in the kitchen while learning new techniques of cooking.

However, Soma put his best efforts and on the final day of the competition, came out with a unique dish of his own that was also included in Shino's menu. In the next episode, viewers will get to see whether Shino approves of Soma's dish or not.

Earlier, after Stagiaire program required students to work in different restaurants outside the school and gain their reputation there, Soma got paired with Hisako. Hisako was not in a mood to carry on with the competition after he lost the Autumn Elections, but Soma convinced him to continue.

Both Soma and Hisako were sent to Mitamura Western restaurant where they realised that the staff members were having a tough time to keep up with the numerous orders from the customers. However, Soma managed to take care of it with his expert servicing skills that impressed the restaurant manager.