Food is the crucial element of wedding parties and people take it seriously. But those levels of seriousness is no match for the guests of a wedding near Mumbai. A huge fire broke out at a marriage hall in Maharashtra's Bhaiwandi city, triggering panic.

The incident took place on Sunday evening and three fire engines were rushed to the spot to douse the fire. The blaze was put out by 11 pm, and no injuries were reported. However, the storage room with all the decoration material and chairs was gutted in the fire. It is also reported that at least six two-wheelers were destroyed in the fire.

Tent catches fire at Mumbai wedding; guests could care less [watch viral video]

Food over fire

While the incident naturally triggered panic at the weeding, with people running around or spectating fire from a safe distance, one video from the incident has gone viral. The video shows a couple of guests dining at the wedding, who didn't seem too bothered by the raging fire.

As the marquee behind them caught fire, two men decided to relish their food. The video has turned into a meme, with an apt song dubbed in the background.

The video has been viewed over 27,000 times on social media. Netizens seem amused watching the video and have shared their reactions. The video turned into a meme-fest for netizens.

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