No, Foo Fighters are not breaking up.

Wait! Did you want them to? If that is the case the band has something for you that they posted on their official YouTube channel today. Check out the link below.

It all started when Dave Grohl, guitarist and frontman of the band, performed solo at the Academy Awards ceremony. Several media outlets speculated that this performance was a gateway for Grohl to establish himself as a solo artist and that the band was splitting.

Additionally, a video of Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the band, claiming that the band was "on indefinite I hate us" added fuel to fire. Yes, you read that right. He said "I hate us" instead of hiatus. This video was taken in January by Artisan News when they interviewed Hawkins, but it surfaced on March 2. The media went ballistic about the possibility of a rift between Grohl and Hawkins. The rumour mills went on overdrive and people expressed their opinions on social media but it was all for nothing.

In the video below, the band takes a satirical take on the whole rumour and also shows the band's opinion on a few relevant topics in the music industry today such as electronic music taking the majority of the popularity, pop music being about easy listening and a plethora of musicians creating their music on laptops and MIDI keyboards as opposed to the traditional way of playing the actual instruments.

The video also talks about a possible replacement for Grohl with names like Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder and even Justin Beiber popping up. Just imagine what would happen if Justin Beiber ended up being the frontman of Foo Fighters.