'The Following' spoilers
'The Following' spoilers.Facebook/ The Following

Season 3 Episode 3 of "Exposed" will be aired on Fox at 9.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 16 March. The new season of the psychological thriller series, which is only two episodes old, already has one major death to deal with, that of Agent Clark. Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) is devastated at the loss of his friend and is ready to risk everything to make Mark (Sam Underwood) pay for Clark's death. Meanwhile, his niece Max's (Jessica Stroup) life may be danger.

In the promo for "Exposed", Ryan is seen talking to the press: "Mark Gray. He did this. His days are numbered... because I am coming for him". This particular scene, much like the rest of the spoiler-filled promo, follows the same pattern "The Following" has followed in the last two seasons; Ryan wants justice and his is willing to go to any lengths to get it.

Mark, who is seeing Ryan's on-camera threat, meanwhile goes into a meltdown, because the FBI still has not revealed the true nature of his mother's murder and is not ready to wait any longer for the answers he wants. Mark screams "They're never gonna tell the truth", while smashing furniture, freaking out Kyle (Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (Ruth Kearney).

The duo was planning on using Mark for a hidden agenda, is now half-minded about their mission. Daisy tells Kyle, "He's losing it," to which Kyle replies, "He never had it". With Daisy saying, "We have to get out of here", it seems like the couple will abandon their plan.

However, Kyle is then seen telling Mark that he has spotted Max, teasing a plot to kill her. He says, "We got you Max Hardy's address, so you could kill her", when Mark asks what the two of them are up to. The promo also shows quick cuts of Max in distress, but with "The Following", one can only be sure after the episode is aired. Moreover, the information Kayle and Daisy passed on to Mark about Max's location could also be a trap or a plan for the duo to escape.

Meanwhile Max, along with Mike (Shawn Ashmore), is seen escorting a follower discovered during the investigation to a secluded spot and interrogating hm. Max warns him, "I am not bluffing, I will hurt you".

The promo ends with Ryan recklessly driving into a truck, as Mike warns him of the impending crash.

Watch out for season 3 episode 3 of "The Following" titled "Exposed" on Monday 16 March, at 9.00 PM (EST) on Fox.