Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez
Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision. Reuters

The fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao lived up to its billing with both boxers showing their class, but it was "Money", who came out on top, winning the bout via UD (unanimous decision) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Both the boxers threw in some huge punches, but neither of them threw that telling punch, which had the potential to floor the opponent. Mayweather was rather wise with his movements inside the ring and kept a safe distance from Pacquiao.

With this victory, the American has taken his win loss record to 48-0, while the Filipino suffered the sixth defeat of his career.

How did the fight shape up? Here is a look at what happened during the fight from round 1 -12.

Round 1

The fight did not get off to an amazing start with both boxers warming up for future rounds. There were some body shots from both the boxers, but not much to write about as far as those punches were concerned. But, the first round ended with Mayweather having something to say to Pacquiao, when they got tied up.

Round 2

The crowd at the MGM grand made their feelings known with chants of "Manny, Manny", as the Filipino cornered the American a number of times, but he could not get enough shots during the round, despite possessing an edge as far as aggression was concerned.

Round 3

As expected Mayweather stayed away from Pacquiao, who was the aggressor during the round. It will not be wrong to state that the Filipino's attempts were in vain as the American, with his technique and defence, swayed or moved away in time to escape the Filipino's punches.

Round 4

Pac-Man came into his own in the fourth round, where he threw a number of punches on Money, who for the first time failed in his defence as Pacquiao took charge. It was one of the best rounds for the Filipino, who even landed his impressive left hand on Mayweather, which unsettled the American. This round showed why someone like Mike Tyson picked Manny as favourite.

Round 5

After the stinging fourth round, Mayweather looked even more defensive as Pacquiao began to dictate the pace, as he threw 16 strong punches in this round. But, the American also landed a good jab, amongst other body shots.

Round 6

The Filipino enjoyed a great round of boxing with Pac-Man throwing in a flurry of punches including a straight left hand at Mayweather, who was not allowing Pacquiao a face-shot. There was a point in the round where Mayweather even seemed to have said 'no', as if to say you are not getting me Manny. The Filipino was starting by hitting low at Mayweather before gradually moving up.

Round 7

Mayweather came all guns blazing in this round, connecting some serious blows as well, especially his left hand, which caught Pacquiao. Comparatively, Pac-Man was slower in the round, but managed to land a left on Mayweather.

Round 8

No wonder the American is said to be a defensive genius, for he showcased his defensive skills in this round. However, his offence also came to the fore as the American landed a hard right, which might have thrown Pacquiao off as well. But, the round was all about Pacquiao chasing Mayweather, who was not giving the Filipino an easy target to hit.

Round 9

As the rounds progressed, Mayweather must have realised that Pacquiao is not throwing as many punches as he did initially, but the Filipino did manage to land two straight lefts on Mayweather, who missed a big left hook.

Round 10

Both the boxers were looking for that space to land their respective favourite shots, hence no punches were exchanged in the first 30 seconds. Though, Mayweather was on the backfoot, he was trying to use his reach to his advantage.

Round 11

Mayweather started the round bright with some huge blows to Pacquiao, who was forced on the defensive side with the American taking charge. A combination of right and left punches from Mayweather, however, helped him score good points.

Round 12

Manny and Floyd hugged before of the round showing great sportsmanship. But, Mayweather knew he was ahead in the last round, so he tried his best to avoid a big knockout blow from Pacquiao. Pacquiao wanted to finish Mayweather, who looked to keep away from the Pac-Man. Mayweather understood he was close to a victory, as he lifted aloft his hands in the dying seconds of the round in triumph.