Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (L) and Manny Pacquiao (R) are the world's highest paid athletes.Reuters

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacqquaio could once again be seen inside the boxing ring for a second match if the fans want the two pugilists to square off in the future, believes, Showtime Sports vice president Stephen Espinoza. Mayweather and Pacquiao have both retired from the sport, so it will require a lot of persuasion to make the fight happen.

Boxing fans might not have been satisfied with the first bout, which took shape between Mayweather and Pacquiao at MGM Garden Arena, Las Vegas, in May 2015. The fight did not live up to the expectations of the fans, who were looking forward to an entertaining matchup. Pacquiao looked aggressive, but Mayweather did not go all out, and played a strong tactical, defensive game, to emerge triumphant. 

After the defeat, the Filipino also spoke that he was not in the best of health, as he was troubled with a shoulder injury. Pacquiao underwent surgery a few days after the fight, and has since also talked about a possibility of a rematch with Mayweather

Espinoza believes the American will be up for the fight if the fans want Mayweather and Pacquiao Part 2. 

"In terms of a Mayweather rematch, it's really up to the audience, to the fans and the writers. I know from talking to Floyd — if there's demand for a particular fight — I think he will give it strong consideration. But I think this is one where we're not going to put the cart before the horse. If people are interested in that fight then I think they'll make their voices heard and we'll start working on it," Ringtv.com quoted Espinoza as saying. 

Mayweather signed off from the sport by defeating Andre Berto in Sept., 2015, while Pacquiao hung his gloves after coming up with an impressive display, defeating Timothy Bradley in his farewell fight, Saturday. 

After shining against Bradley, Pacquiao showed that he still has it in him to defeat any top boxer. Espinoza feels with such a quality performance, the interest for the fight has only multiplied. 

"It's certainly more interesting now than it was a couple weeks ago. With that performance, what Manny showed is that he still has the ability to perform at a high level and arguably at a higher level than he did last May," Espinoza said. 

"So whatever the reason, if people believe that the outcome or really the fight will be different this time, I think there could be some interest that is building for that fight."