Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao has reportedly agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. Reuters

The fight that the world has been waiting for years and years, and years could finally be a reality with a report claiming Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao could get ready to rumble this year.

Youtube Boxing Channel 78Sports TV claim Mayweather and Pacquiao have already decided to lock horns this year, and the fight has been settled for sometime later in 2014, with September the most likely month.

Mayweather has already revealed he will fight in May and September of 2014, and the likelihood is of the mega-buck encounter happening in the latter month, with British fighter Amir Khan the favourite to take on the American undefeated champion in May.

"Great news in the world of boxing," 78Sports TV said on Youtube. "He [the source] is telling me that Floyd and Manny Pacquiao will be fighting in 2014 guaranteed and it's already done.

"Everything else that you will see will be just theatrics from here on out. But the fight is already done."

If the claim turns out to be true, boxing fans will be overjoyed to finally witness the match that everyone has been clamouring for for many a year.

Mayweather, rated the current best pound for pound fighter in the world, has stalled on agreeing for a fight with Pacquiao several times already, with drug tests and money-sharing issues cropping up time and again, and both camps unable to iron out the problems.

The American has also previously claimed he is unlikely to take on Pacquiao as long as the Philippines icon is associated with Bob Arum.

Pacquiao brought himself in the picture to fight Mayweather after a unanimous decision victory over Brandon Rios in Macau in November, which was a bounce-back effort following a controversial loss Timothy Bradley and crushing defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez.

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