Mayweather Maidana
Floyd Mayweather (left) has announced that he would retire after his final bout in September, 2015. He said this in an interview with some reporters in Las Vegas, in a build-up to his Saturday-night fight against Marcos MAidana (right). [File Picture]Reuters File

Ten-time world champion Floyd Mayweather is planning to fight two more times, after his rematch against Marcos Maidana, and then retire from the world of professional boxing, he told reporters in Las Vegas.

"I only got two more fights left [after Saturday] and after the next two fights I just want to build the Mayweather Promotions brand," Mayweather was quoted as saying, by ESPN, in a conference at the MGM Grand after his arrival for his fight, this week.

Mayweather is currently on a lucrative six-fight contract with Showtime. He has already completed three of these fights. The fourth fight is scheduled to take place on Saturday. Mayweather fought Maidana in May, with Mayweather winning 116-112, 117-111, 114-114, via majority decisions.

The 37-year-old boxer is yet to lose a fight in his career, and is closing in on Rocky Marciano's record of 49 fights wins without a loss. Interestingly, Mayweather's record currently stands at 46-0. If he wins all his remaining fights under Showtime's contract, and retires (as he announced he would), his record is set to stand at 49-0 (same as Marciano's). However, Mayweather has announced his retirement before as well, only to turn back on his word later on.

The veteran boxer, who will be 38, when he will participate in what he calls his last bout, in 2015, says that he wants to devote more time to his firm, Mayweather Promotions, which already has more than ten of the top fighters on the professional boxing circuit.

"I'm happy. He deserves it. He's put in the work his whole career. Grinding, done everything the fans have asked of him," said Leonard Ellerbe, Chief Executive of Mayweather Promotions, and a close friend of the boxer. "He's had a remarkable career. It's time to hang 'em up. Made all the money you can make. What else is there to do in the sport? There's nothing else to prove."

However, as of now, Mayweather still does not have one scalp under his belt – Manny Pacquiao, the first and the only eight-division world champion from the Philippines. These two have never had a bout against each other. Although Mayweather had earlier show some interest in setting up a fight with the 35-year-old Filipino, this fight is yet to materialise.

Mayweather still has two more fights after Saturday night's bout against Maidana. His opponents in these two fights have not been decided yet, and we might just see Pacquiao's name in at least one of these fights. In fact, Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum has announced that he is in talks to host a fight with Mayweather. The American boxer however, has denied knowledge of any such talks.