Floyd Mayweather
Floyd MayweatherReuters

Looks like Floyd Mayweather is not ready to lock away his past just yet. After accusing his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson of aborting their twin babies, Mayweather has now called her " selfish" and "fake" in an interview.

The legendary boxer reportedly took to Facebook on May 1 and posted a picture of his former girlfriend's sonogram, claiming that she lied to him about her abortion. He further pushed the feud, when he revealed in his radio interview to V-103 that he has no regrets in revealing the reality to the world.

"It hurt my feelings, all because she's selfish because all she's worried about is looks, talking about 'I don't want to mess my body up.' Everything you got on your body, I paid for so it's okay. Even if you had the baby - even if you had the babies, if you wanted me to put you back together like I did in the beginning, I could've done it again," he said.

Mayweather and Jackson were apparently engaged when they had a messy break-up. Mayweather was nonchalant about disclosing to the world that he broke-up with Jackson as the former decided to abort his babies

Moreover, Mayweather also told the radio channel that Jackson has undergone intense plastic surgery enhancements and everything on her body is fake.

"I'm all like, 'Everything you got on you is fake. You know you got a fake butt, you've got fake t******, you got work done on your face. That's how you know my love was genuine because I accepted you from the heart: no breasts, no butt, no face work. I accepted you because it was real love. Pure love," he added.