Amidst the ongoing lockdown when people are being beaten up by the police for stepping out of their homes, a VVIP Corona 'Wedding' is on cards. Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy's son Nikhil Kumaraswamy is all set to get hitched to Revati on April 17 as the couple were engaged a few months ago.

Kumaraswamy's reason for going ahead with the wedding is that Ramanagara, where the wedding is all set to take place is still a green zone with no cases reported of coronavirus till date.

Nikhil Kumaraswamy with Revati

Social distancing norms flouted

Though, Gowdas pledged to keep it small, but reports state that lavish preparations are underway for the wedding. Workers can be seen roaming around the farmhouse where the wedding preparations are going on without wearing masks and gloves and social distancing norms flouted.

Earlier the marriage was planned at a massive ground in Ramanagara with a huge crowd of people expected to attend the wedding. But due to the lockdown, the wedding was shifted to a farm house and Kumaraswamy says that only 50 people will be attending the wedding.

On Tuesday, trucks carrying tents and other items were seen entering the farm house to prepare for the wedding. Seeing the preparations, it seems that about 300 to 500 people are expected to attend the wedding.

Wedding preparations

However Kumaraswamy had appealed to his followers not to visit the wedding location but if people come in, which they will, will he ask them to go back from the gate?

Social media netizens are questioning that because Kumaraswamy considers himself a VVIP, is he allowed to flout norms while the rest of the country stays indoors with many couples doing a digital registry for their wedding.

Home Minister Bommai when asked that why was this being allowed, said that, "He is trusting Kumaraswamy's words that only family members will attend the marriage."

A TV journalist raised valid questions in this regard stating that if only 50 people were coming, then why such a set-up is needed. Isn't Kumaraswamy already violating the social distancing norms by employing people by hundreds as they aren't even wearing masks and gloves. The norms and cap on congregation is already being flouted even before the wedding.

Reports stated that Kumaraswamy believes in astrology and this is the right time according to astrology for the bride and groom to marry. Kumaraswamy stated that there are 15 doctors in his family and all members have been taken into consideration before planning the event.

Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi, who is the national spokesperson for Bhartiya Janata Party, was quoted as saying that it is rather alarming to see such behavior from people of such high political stature. He however did not say that the party will ask them to halt the wedding or postpone the wedding.

Earlier, BJP workers, including the present CM of Madhya Pradesh, had violated all norms of social distancing when Sec 144 was imposed in the state.