President Otto Perez Molina and vice-president Roxana Baldetti: File Photo/Reuters
President Otto Perez Molina and vice-president Roxana Baldetti: File Photo/ReutersReuters

Women in the Central American country of Guatemala had much reason to cheer when its first lady vice-president was elected. However, their hope seems to be fading as violence against women continue unabated in Guatemala, a nation which has the highest number of crimes against women among the Central American countries. The attack on Roxana Baldetti is just the reflection of increasing discontent among her women supporters.

Roxana Baldetti's election as vice president was seen as a move that will not only bolster the chances of women in politics, but also improve their safety in the country.

Baldetti had promised major reforms to curb the occurence of the crimes such as the María Isabel Véliz Franco case, one of the first femicide case to gain the worldwide attention. In 2001, the 15-year girl was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered. Her culprits still remain free.

According to a study by the Gautemalan government, in 2013 there were 707 cases involving brutal murder and rape, the highest among the Central American countries.

Despite Gautemala having laws against femicide, a crime involving violent and deliberate killing of a woman. Often due to lack of government initiative, the murderers go scot-free. In the last decade more than 6,000 women have been murdered in Guatemala and only two percent of their killers has been sentenced.

Since her election, Baldetti had promised to take strong measures to stop attacks against women. However, the situation has remained the same. She was hit in the face by flour by two women, who were detained. Their first accounts of interrogation revealed that their actions were carried out as a "right to expression."

The attack took place just when Baldetti was leaving Guatemala City's Teatro National after the president's speech wherein he spoke on increasing security for women. Vice President Roxana was immediately taken to the hospital. However, the incidents seems to have become the butt of the jokes on twitter,where many were seen poking fun on the Vice President.

Flour Attack on Vice President Roxana Baldetti- Watch Video