Florida Woman "Dead" for 45 Minutes Shares Afterlife Experience
Florida Woman "Dead" for 45 Minutes Shares Afterlife ExperienceReuters

The Florida woman whose heart had stopped beating for 45 minutes during a routine caesarean section surgery is making headlines once again.

The 40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro claims that she saw spiritual beings waiting for her after she was declared clinically dead, The Christian Post reports. Sharing her experience on Monday with the public, the mother of two said that during that time she felt herself floating along a tunnel and then she saw her father, who was surrounded by a bright light, Daily Mail reports.

"I remember seeing a spiritual being who I believe was my dad. I remember the light behind him and many other spiritual beings," she told ABC News.

Graupera-Cassimiro was admitted to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital for a caesarean section on September 23. Even though the surgery was uneventful and the baby was healthy, soon she started experiencing shortness of breath. She was taken to the recovery room.

Even as dozens of doctors and nurses were trying their best to revive her, she said it felt like she had fallen asleep.

"I wasn't walking, I was kind of flowing. It's peaceful. There's nothing to be afraid of. At one point it was a force almost. And it was like, 'You're not going any further, this is it.' And that's when I understood, 'You're not going to stay here. You're just here for a little bit. You're going back. It's not your time," Graupera-Cassimiro told WPBF.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chadi Loutfi of the team treating Graupera-Cassimiro, said that she had no pulse, no blood pressure and was not even breathing on her own. This state is called being "clinically dead".

"It was indeed something we don't see. I've never seen myself. The whole family and a big majority of the medical believe there was some kind of divine intervention," said Loutfi.

Even though friends and family say that she was "dead", gray, as cold as ice, and had no color in her lips, she believes she is just "a normal girl, I'm sure that other people deserved it more than me. I don't know, but I was chosen to be here."