If you are exhausted of everyday cleaning, technology has advanced in ways to make that pain go away. Milagrow, a known brand in the world of robotics, mobility and home automation, launched a new floor cleaning robot that will reduce your work load several fold.

Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 is the company's answer to home cleaning techniques handled by machine completely. The robot is equipped with the world's largest cleaning brush and a dustbin that makes cleaning easy and efficient.

Milagrow unveiled the RedHawk 3.0 in New Delhi on Wednesday and offers a home demo in major cities including the capital, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. Interested buyers can also request a demo over Skype anywhere in India.

"Milagrow Floor Robots have maintained their supremacy in India despite the entry of big players like LG, Samsung and Philips in this segment. The only reason being that we are a very focused player in the domestic robots space and are continuously raising the bar with our deep consumer insights. A fortnight ago we launched the AguaBot - Amongst World's 1st Full Wet Cleaning Floor Cleaning Robots and today we are launching the RedHawk3.0 with World's largest Dustbin and World's Largest Cleaning Brush. We are committed to spreading this Robotic Revolution in India," Rajeev Karwal, Founder Milagrow Robots said at the launch of RedHawk 3.0.

RedHawk 3.0 is a smart floor cleaning robot that can sense extra dirty areas and automatically increase the intensity of cleaning. It is also equipped with health cleaning features such as UV Bulb and HEPA filters along with 6 cleaning modes and a 210x150mm wet cleaning mop.

Using the UV light, RedHawk 3.0 sanitizes the floor for a healthy lifestyle and the HEPA filters ensures the purity of the environment by trapping bacteria, viruses and other harmful agents.

Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 is available for purchase online with 15 accessories and 2 year warranty at the price of Rs. 25,990. As a launch offer, there is a 10 percent discount.