sheep (Wikimedia Commons/Jesus Solana)
sheep (Wikimedia Commons/Jesus Solana)Wikimedia Commons/Jesus Solana

Ever wondered what cannabis would do to sheep? Here is what it does... nothing.

A flock of sheep in Surrey, England apparently chewed on cannabis worth £4,000, which was dumped on the edge of a field they were grazing in.

While a report in the Metro suggested that the illegal plant left the sheep "stumbling around making strange noises", other reports suggest the animals did not seem to have shown any kind of strange behaviour.

Nellie Budd, manager of Fanny's Farm in Merstham, Surrey, where the incident took place, said that what she thought was some 'rubbish' dumped by someone turned out to be cannabis when she could finally smell the plant.

However, by the time Budd realised what the plant was, her flock of sheep had already eaten about seven bags of the Class B drug.

"At first I thought it was someone's hedgerow rubbish. I went down to collect the bags so the sheep weren't eating black plastic. When I got there I realized it was a form of herbal cannabis plant. They were very strong in scent", the Mirror quoted Budd.

"I have no idea how they got there. It's right next to a road and the footpath is quite open", she added.

While the leftover plants are under the custody of the cops, it is apparently going to be difficult to trace where the drugs came from because much of the evidence has already been destroyed by the animals.

The police stated that the dumping of the illegal plants was "extremely irresponsible" and that they are "doing all we can" to find those responsible for the act.

Meanwhile, Budd does not think that the cannabis has had any negative effects on the sheep.

"My sheep weren't quite on their backs with legs in the air but they probably had the munchies.They haven't had any other side effects but I'll tell you about the meat next week."