The acronym has been used over 150 million times in twitter
The acronym has been used over 150 million times in twitterTwitter

There is a hashtag, still mysterious to many, sweeping across the social media, especially Twitter - #Oomf. Though it appears quite often in the micro-blogging site, many users still do not know what it means.

The BBC decided to unravel the mystery in a television report on Friday. The notorious #Oomf simply means "One of my followers", an acronym used to refer to one of the persons following a Twitter user. It is mostly used to talk about a person without direct reference. The hastag is seen appearing especially in notorious and flirtatious tweets.

Take for example, when a man writes "So #oomf can tweet but not text back?", he is using the hastag to gain attention from a person, who is one of his followers but has not replied to his text message.

Read the cryptic and flirtatious reference in this tweet: "Me and #oomf would make a perfect couple".

"I like to be alone, but I would rather be alone with #oomf," another tweet says it all.

Some Twitter users post erotic pictures with a tweet that reads something like this: "#Oomf can this just be you & I? Please"

The BBC traced the first use of #Oomft to 2010, and since then the hashtag and the acronym has been used over 150 million times. It appears in Twitter 3.9 million times in a month. That means, someone tweets using this hashtag an average of 130,000 times a day.

Following are some of the eye-cathing usages of the notorious hashtag: