For those who wished they had a small hand-held thermal camera when that helped them see when camping in the forests or your own backyard, Scout TK from FLIR is the answer as it lets its users see in the dark.

FLIR, a world leader in manufacture and design of thermal imaging infrared cameras, has expanded its inventory by adding a new pocket-sized thermal monocular camera called Scout TK that was unveiled at the ongoing CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is an ideal companion for trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts as it can see anything with heat signatures and is built for outdoor use, be it at night or in lowlight conditions. The device has a rugged, water and shock-resistant rubber exterior.

It is easy to use allowing its users single-hand usage. It also has four simple buttons on the top that will let users to control recording, adjust the brightness, Graded Fire video colour palette and power on or off.

This monocular device has the ability to take still images and also to record videos. A short press will capture image and a longer press will capture videos. The images can be downloaded to USB.

Though its field of view is narrow (20° × 16°), it has a long range of up to 100 yards. Both animals and people can be easily scanned even in thick foliage.

The device boasts of a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can survive for five hours. It also has an intuitive interface and weighs only 170 gms, which puts the device in the lightweight category.

It has a 640 X 480 LCD Display and users' standard on-screen symbology. The device will start up in less than five seconds.

Scout TK costs $600 and is expected to go on sale on Amazon and FLIR's website sometime this quarter.