'Flight MH370 Found' has become one of the hottest searches in Google.
'Flight MH370 Found' has become one of the hottest searches in Google. REUTERS

While a massive ground and water search for the Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 involving 25 countries is underway, there is another place tens of thousands are searching for the ill-fated and mysterious jet in a dire hope of finding it: Google!

It is indeed difficult to recollect any other incident in the recent times that has been so baffling and perplexing than the bizarre circumstances in which the plane simply vanished into thin air.

Yet, it is equally difficult to recollect any other instance in the recent times when a particular incident has been so widely discussed in a unifying voice of human interest and solidarity. The overwhelming collective desire to find the missing plane perhaps shows that human kinds are inherently attuned to commonality, unity and harmony - the only condition being, they need an emotional instance and a powerful triggering factor to kick-start the collective human traits in all of us.

Tens of thousands of people, if not millions, search every single day on Internet for any possible updates on the missing plane. More interestingly, many people deliberately input suggestive keywords in Google such as, 'Flight 370 Found' or 'Malaysia Plane Found' - an indication of a desire that overpowers people with the need to know if the ill-fated jet has been 'Found'.

The Twitter hash tag #MH370 has been on the trending list ever since the wide-body jet went missing, and has never showed any sign of budging anytime soon. Millions of users have been posting touching messages on hash tags such as #PreyForMH370.

Even as fears are growing that the plane could have simply crashed catastrophically somewhere, finding anything more about the airliner is increasingly becoming more baffling and daunting. But in the midst of all this, there is an increasing hope amongst family members that the flight might have been 'hijacked' and that their loved ones will return one day.

People are in fact, praying that the 'hijack' theory holds true than any other theories of what might have happened to MH370. It is safe to say that it is this possibility that has lightened the hearts of many family members who are desperately waiting to hear any leads that might potentially solve the the most mysterious piece of news in contemporary times.