Ryan Case
'Modern Family' Editor Ryan CaseTwitter/Ryan Case

Ryan Case, the editor of popular American sitcom "Modern Family", has informed her followers about her strange in-flight experience through 64 live-tweets.

Case was onboard a flight from New York to Los Angeles when she encountered a drunk lady named Nadia on 28 September. She began her live-tweets by posting, "Sitting behind the worst person in the world," on her Twitter account.

"She was watching Hawaii 5.0 so loudly in her earphones that her seat mate asked her to turn it down. Worst move he ever made. She apologised in the loudest, drunkest voice ever "SORRY ITS MY 1ST TIME NOT IN 1ST CLASS" & hasn't stopped talking since," tweeted Case.

During the next three hours of her journey, Case live-tweeted every moment of her in-flight experience with the hilarious lady. "I want to use mind control to make the flight attendant put tranquilisers in the double rum & coke she just ordered," she posted.

"She keeps saying "I know David Guetta" in a prideful way. You guys, she goes to Vegas all the time and her table is always next to the DJ," she wrote.

Furthermore, she also wrote about the obsession Nadia has with her seatmate Abdul, her love for Las Vegas as well as her racist views about the Middle East.

Some of her tweets read: "After saying "MY ARAB FRIENDS" so many times she slurred "is that SO racist?" then kept on saying it... She said "I have a very racist view of all Middle East." She's talking to a middle Eastern man, also mocking his accent... It baffles her that her seat mate doesn't drink. She's GRILLING him about it and sloshing her drink at him and I think trying to bone him... 97th time she's asked "YOU DONT DRINK DO YOU?!"

Meantime, Case did not forget to jot down her displeasure at the drunken co-passenger Nadia. "She missed her intended flight and ended up here. She has a window seat and I'm in a middle. The universe has wronged me," she tweeted.

"I'm tweeting this so one of you will fund my defense team at my eventual murder trial," she informed.

However, Case was not the only one getting annoyed by the severely drunken Nadia. She also tweeted about the efforts of other co-passenger to make her silent.

"The guy in front of her just shouted at her. He's a true hero... The couple in front of her are shouting at her. She's slurring "what is first class? I've never been on it," Case tweeted.

Ryan Case's drunken co-passenger NadiaTwitter/Ryan Case

But their efforts went in vain as Nadia started shouting back at them. "She called this guy's wife classless and "to shut the F up"...She called his wife a bitch. I don't think I'll have to kill her..."This is what the F happens when you don't fly first class." she shrieked," Case wrote.

Finally, when the flight landed at Las Vegas on the next morning, Nadia was taken into custody by the police men and Case tweeted, "4 cops are with her now...The amount of empty Titos vodka bottles under her seat was CHILLING... Abdul sits at baggage claim, naked and afraid, looking over his shoulder constantly. LOL."

Case's live-tweets became famous overnight and her followers praised her for the humorous posts as well as for portraying an example on utilising Twitter effectively.

The 34-year-old editor thanked Tiny Tito's Vodka and In-Flight Wi-Fi connection through her Twitter. She wrote, "I should thank the sponsors of last night's tweets - Tiny Tito's Vodka and Go Go In Flight Internet."