Dr. Ju Hearn
Dr. Ju Hearn

Every year hundreds and thousands of players all over the world end up losing a viable sports career to injury. Several talented sportspersons have become permanently disabled or even lost their lives while playing sports. Some shocking incidents, such as the death of 25-year-old English cricketer Philip Hughes have seen the enforcement of better safety, but then the sports field is saddled with many such disturbing stories. One such player who lost his career to injury and now is dedicated to improving this situation is celebrity sports physical therapist Dr. Ju Hearn.

31-year-old Chicago born Dr. Julius Hearn played in his high school basketball team and got a scholarship to Howard University. In his sophomore year, he tore his right meniscus and had to undergo a surgery, which ended his budding career of playing professionally. Armed with resilience and passion for the game, Ju did not give up on the game. He opted to be a JUCO player at Pratt Community College, which earned him a scholarship to the University of Texas-Pan America. However, another untimed injury tore his rotator cuff of the right shoulder effectively ending his playing career.

It's when brilliant students such as Dr. Hearn who graduated in Kinesiology from the UTPA, face such horrible life circumstances that passion overrides life's adversities. With fire in his belly, he went on to several colleges and got several degrees in nutrition, physical and massage therapy, business, acupuncture, and oriental medicine. He started his venture, Recharge Athletics, to help professional players improve their performance, reduce vulnerability to injury, and thus enjoy longer pain-free sports career.

At Recharge Athletics Dr. Hearn uses his extensive knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine to help create a personalized physical therapy plan for his clients, which includes professional players, including NBA players like Atlanta Hawks' Evan Turner. While talking about withstanding sports career, Dr. Hearn says, "Key factors I lean on to accomplish these goals are increasing flexibility, mobility, and strength." His training programs have helped its beneficiaries to accomplish their fitness and career goals without risking their safety.

With the help of Dr. Ju Hearn, today, several top sportspersons are building a successful and safer career. While injuries are always a risk that comes with sports, it is important to take prescribed precautions, while training smartly and achieving goals without putting a strain on the body.

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