Money in the Bank
This is the 10th edition of Money in the Bank pay-per-viewTwitter/WWE

Money in the Bank has now become one of WWE's most popular and prized pay-per-views. 2019 would witness the 10th edition of this annual event and there would be two eponymous matches, one each for women and men. The object of these two ladder matches would be, as always, to retrieve the briefcase which would give the person accomplishing the task a guaranteed title shot at the place and time of his and her choosing.

The reason why this match has become so popular is because of the suspense, intrigue and wide variety of possibilities that it engenders. Since the title-shot contract could be encashed anywhere, there is a constant sense of expectation that follows the champion.

But are you aware of when this concept first came into existence? Do you know who was the winner of the first ever Money in the Bank (MITB) ladder match and who cashed it first?

Genesis of Money in the Bank

The origin of MITB match goes back to Wrestlemania 21 in 2005. The match featured six superstars from the Raw roster and the briefcase guaranteed a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. The six wrestlers who competed were Edge, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian, Kane and Shelton Benjamin.

Edge was the winner of the first-ever MITB matchTwitter/WWE

It turned out to be an entertaining contest with some great moments produced by the contestants. The athleticism of the wrestlers involved, especially the likes of Edge, Jericho, Christian and Benjamin combined with the ladders to produce heart-stopping spots in the match. Eventually, Edge emerged as the winner and earned the right to fight the champion whenever he wanted.

However, the 'Rated-R superstar' did not use his opportunity for a very long time. In the meanwhile, the WWE draft took place which brought John Cena, the WWE Champion from Smackdown to Raw and took the World Heavyweight Champion Batista in the exact opposite direction.

In 2006, after Cena managed to retain his title in a gruelling six-man elimination chamber match at New Year's Revolution, Edge came out and decided to use his title shot against a battered and bloodied champion. Edge delivered a spear to Cena but the latter somehow kicked out. But another spear proved too much and the title changed hands.

The excitement of the MITB match at Wrestlemania 21 followed by the suspense of when Edge is going to use the contract as well as the drama at the eventual use of it ensured that it became an annual feature at Wrestlemania and eventually, in 2010, emerged as a separate pay-per-view.