The Flash
Pictured: The poster for The Flash.Facebook/The Flash

The Flash is all set to air season 5 on October 9 but viewers are far from pleased with what has been done to the show's plot. Most Reddit users are of the opinion that it lost track after Season 1.

What was interesting was they ended up comparing The Flash to Gotham and how the latter has depth to its storyline. Also, users pointed out that the villains in Gotham are real and rugged, unlike the shallow antagonists team Flash have been fighting in the last 3 seasons.

Davey_Mann wrote: "I was re-watching Flash Season 1 clips and the writers had such a good handle on their material right out of the gate! The character, relationship, and team building was simply awesome. And the team conversations were involving and laced with wit in the dialogue, unlike now where it's just a circle jerk of dumb jokes and pop culture references."

The viewers are particularly tired of watching the side-kicks helping Barry out from the lab. They wish Iris West, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, H.R. stepped out into the field more often.

Let's hope the show can pick itself up in the coming season; the Flash will be seen fighting Cicada, the Rag Doll, King Shark and Grodd in Season 5. In other news, there's an interesting crossover event to look forward to. That could be a game-changer for all the 3 shows involved – The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.

As many as 14 superheroes will be coming together to fight in the Crisis on Infinite Earths episode. Of this lot, Superman, Batwoman and Lois Lane's appearances would be most interesting.

Superman has only appeared when sister Kara Danvers a.k.a Supergirl needed him to talk sense into her. There wasn't a time he could be in his element, completely. The 3-episode event will give Superman an opportunity to show what he's really made of.

Ruby Rose's announcement that she had been selected to play Batwoman stirred up quite a storm on social media. The actress was criticised for not being "gay enough" for the role. Even though Rose was excited to be a part of the project, she had to quit social media.

The Arrowverse crossover episodes are scheduled to release on December 9, 10 and 11.