Dr Wells is Reverse Flash
Dr Wells is Reverse FlashFacebook/ The Flash

"The Flash" is out for a short mid-season hiatus until 17 March, and while hardcore fans struggle to live without their weekly dose of STAR Labs and Central City, creators have released a sneak peak to "Out of Time". From the looks of it, episode 15 of the CW series is going to unleash some pretty big secrets.

For starters, Barry Allen aka The Flash, will be battling The Weather Wizard played by guest star Liam McIntyre. Mark Mardon who is in town to avenge his brother Clyde's death, spots Barry's surrogate father Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin). When Mardon, aka The Weather Wizard attacks Joe, who had shot Clyde, Barry barely saves them with his super speed. 

The meta-humans are forced into battle when paying no heed to Barry's warning, Joe goes after The Weather Wizard alone.

Meanwhile, Cisco makes one of the most shocking discoveries as he looks into the night Reverse Flash was captured by the team. He starts to wonder if Joe was right in wondering if Dr Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has something to do with the murder of Barry's mother. 

In the trailer for "Out of Time", Dr Wells' voice over is heard as he tells Barry that he has grown quite fond of him and that he has shown him what it is like to have a son. The show focuses on trust and keeps stating that "a team is nothing without trust".

Flash's messages appear in bold letters on the screen.. "They Trusted Him...They Believed In Him... But They Never Suspected Him"

Cisco is heard saying in the video, "Dr Wells had something to do with Barry's mom's murder". Possibly in response to the accusation, Barry asks, "He's in a wheelchair. How could he possibly have done that?"

Following this, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) is seen staring disbelievingly at Dr Wells' empty wheelchair, as his voice over says, "You're smart. But not that smart".