Tom Felton and Grant Gustin
Tom Felton and Grant GustinInstagram/Tom Felton

Fans have been impatiently waiting for "The Flash" Season 3, which will be premiered on Tuesday, Oct. 4, to learn the repercussions of Barry's (Grant Gustin) actions in the Season 2 finale. One of the major benefits of Barry turning back time is the arrival of Tom Felton in Central City.

Felton is best known for playing the bad guy, and his ominous quote from the Comic Con 2016 panel for "The Flash" seems to suggest the same. "Any character I play you should see as a threat," Felton had said with a smirk, but his character description does not really suggest that he is necessarily a bad guy.

Felton's Julian Dorn is, in fact, a plain old CSI at the Central City Police Department. However, he is suspicious about Barry Allen and his all around good guy reputation. He will definitely have a huge role in the season to come, and fans are going crazy trying to figure out who Julian Dorn relates to in the comic books.

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Cobalt Blue seems like the obvious answer to this question, especially because his character was created when Barry messed up the timeline. Barry's actions should only have affected the events after he was born, meaning Barry is still a single child, and hence the Cobalt Blue character could not be the biological son of Henry and Nora Allen (John Wesley Shipp and Michelle Harrison).

This leads us to a popular theory among fans, which suggests that Julian is in fact the biological brother of Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), still dearly missed. Eddie could even be brought back to life, thanks to Barry's callous time travels. When Julian realises this, he will turn evil and want revenge, just as the comic book describes Cobalt Blue's origin story.

The presence of a speedster with black suit in the trailer also suggests that Felton could be the Black Racer. As comic book fans will know, he is the physical manifestation of Death, and is obviously bad news for Central City. Here is how Black Racer is described in "The Flash" comics: "The darkness is calling them home. A chill. An echo. A shadow cast, but always remembered. Death never stops chasing you. You can't escape it. I thought differently, but it's there. We'll all die someday. Today."

What makes the Dark Racer more ominous than anything we have ever seen on "The Flash" is his immortality. He cannot be killed by any means, and is capable of killing other beings by merely a grasp. He takes on a host body and that body could very well be that of Julian Doran.

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Another great role for Felton in "The Flash" universe is that of the villainous Dr Alchemy. Felton has already admitted that there will be rivalry between his character and Barry Allen, and most of it stems from the fact that they are both geniuses. "At least in the forensic world, Barry's not used to having a mind as sharp as his around. Julian also has a smug air of superiority over Barry. So it lends itself to many different choices and many different storylines. It's not really worth speculating because I'm sure the writers have something much cooler in mind," Felton had told Comic Book.

From this quote, it is only a fair guess that Julian may be Dr Alchemy in disguise. Or more accurately, Julian could be the law abiding personality of Alchemy, who is deranged.