The Flash mid season premiere
The Flash mid season premiere.Facebook/ The Flash

The CW will be returning with the mid-season premiere of 'The Flash' only on Tuesday, 17 March, but while viewers are speculating on the future of the 'fastest man on earth' and the possibility of the existence of someone faster than that, the Reverse Flash, trailer for Season 1 Episode 15, titled 'Out of Time', hints at time travelling.

From the trailer for the upcoming episode, it can be safely assumed that Dr Wells (Tom Cavanagh), who was revealed to be Reverse Flash in 'Fallout', has mastered the art of time travelling. But it appears as if before he was ready to reveal his identity, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) uncovered his secrets.

When 'The Flash' went for a mid-season hiatus after 'Fallout', audiences were made privy to certain story lines. Here are the things to keep in mind before watching episode 15, 'Out of Time':

  • Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was possibly present at the scene of his mother's murder. However, the catch is that according to Cisco, Barry was in his adult, superhero form during the event, when according to the actual date and time, he was merely a child. In episode 14 'Fallout', Dr Martin Stein (Victor Garber) had theorised that at some point Barry will move so fast that the kinetic energy will rip a hole through space-time, allowing for him to time travel, making this the only possible and logical explanation for the adult Barry's presence.
  • Dr Wells  is already shown to be full of secrets and could potentially be a negative character, which has something to do with the murder of Barry's mother, as Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) suspects. However, him abducting General Wade (Clancy Brown) for hurting "his family", Barry and the rest of his associates at STAR labs, suggests that despite his secrets he does mean well. 
  • In the trailer for 'Out of Time', Cisco, after making some shocking discoveries regarding Dr Wells, is seen walking towards two men who are moving so fast that they look to be vibrating. Both male forms are most likely Dr Wells, possibly allowing for STAR labs' mechanical engineer to discover that his mentor is not only the Reverse Flash, but has also successfully travelled in time. 
  • While Barry's personal life and the mysteries regarding the death of his mother are slowly being uncovered, The Flash is still fighting the bad guys on a daily basis, and saving Central City from metahumans who are up to no good. In 'Out of Time', The Flash will be battling Weather Wizard (Liam McIntyre). 
  • Meanwhile, the story behind Firestorm still remains a mystery, known only to a handful of people. All that is clear so far is that Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) and Dr Stein make up two halves of the comic book character Firestorm. It is not known whether the answers to Firestorm will be revealed within "The Flash" or if a spin-off series would be created for the same.