Iris and Barry in 'The Flash'
Iris and Barry in 'The Flash'Facebook/ The Flash

The CW network will air season 1 episode 16 of "The Flash" on Tuesday, 24 March. "Out of Time" ended with Barry (Grant Gustin) running incredibly fast to create a vortex barrier and keep out the tsunami heading towards Central City.

However, he ran so fast that he turned time back by a day and in "Rogue Time" he will have to fix it before he everything goes haywire. The silver lining is that Cisco (Carlos Valdes), who was killed in the last episode, will be brought back to life and may even get a girlfriend.

Although Dr Wells (Tom Cavanagh) had revealed to Cisco that he wants Barry to increase his speed so much so that he could return to his time in the future, he is seen telling Barry in the promo for "Rogue Time" that his new ability ― possibly attributing to time travelling ― is dangerous. "Whatever tragedy you think you averted, time will find a way to replace it," Dr Wells tells Barry.

Meanwhile, the super-villain duo Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) have returned to Central City, and is hell-bent on finding The Flash. Cold has also brought along his baby sister Lisa Snart (Peyton List) along with him. Their return may have something to do with the denture Barry created in time.

In "Out of Time", Dr Wells revealed to Cisco, who he thinks of as a son, that he was Eobard Thawne who came back in time to kill young Barry, but killed Nora, Barry's mother, instead. After apologising to Cisco, but admitting that where Wells is from, Cisco has been dead for centuries as Wells kills him. With the turning back of time, Cisco has not been killed yet, and according to a comic book-style teaser from the Flash Twitter page, he may even get a girlfriend.

Another event that did not occur when Barry turned back time, was Iris (Candice Patton ) admitting that she cannot stop thinking about Barry and the couple's kissing. Following the kiss, Barry reveals to Iris that he is The Flash. Although Iris may not have admitted her feeling for Barry, and may not have found out that he is The Flash in the new time, her boyfriend detective Eddie (Rick Cosnett) is seen punching Barry, before saying, "I thought you and I were friends".

The promo ends with Barry admitting that, "I screwed with time, and now time is screwing with me".

Watch out for season 1 episode 16 of "The Flash", titled "Rogue Time" on The CW network, at 8pm (EST) on Tuesday, 24 March.