Spinoff series for The Flash and Arrow
Spinoff series for The Flash and Arrow to feature favorite characters from both shows.Facebook/ The Flash

The possibility of a new superhero show on The CW network that will include characters from both "Arrow" and "The Flash" has been making rounds for over a few weeks. Now, a new batch of details regarding the characters to be incorporated into the unnamed new show has been released. 

It has been known for a while that "Atom" from "Arrow", played by Brandon Routh will be the central character, "Captain Cold" (Wentworth Miller) and Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) from "The Flash" would join him. Though details haven't been made official, TVLine reiterates that the Caity Lotz, who played the late Lance sister from "Arrow", who later became the vigilante "Black Canary" would be joining the trio. 

Three more DC Comics characters, which would join the main cast of the show and round up Atom's team for the series:

"The Traveller": The description for the character is that he is a Han Solo-esque rogue who is charming and does not shy away from using it to his advantage. He has come to the present form the future to complete a secret mission. His many secrets keep teammates as well as audiences from completely trusting him. "His razor-sharp wit hides the pain of a man who has lived through serious conflict." 

"Female Warrior": This female superhero is a Latina would in her 20s, who is socially awkward by the day, and a fierce warrior by the night. Her fury when taking part in a battle, could work as a threat to even her allies at certain points. 

"Mystery Hero": The African-American male, also in his 20s would come across as a regular, street smart guy, who unexpectedly gained super powers and regularly comments on the insanity of the team's situations.

While those associated with the show have confirmed that all three are DC book characters that have not been immortalised on TV so far, there is no exact information on who each character is. However, TV Line has made some calculated guesses, which puts either "Rip Hunter" or "Booster Gold" as "The Traveller", "Fury", "Pantha", "Wildcat" or "Tarantula" as "Female Warrior" and "Virgil Ovid Hawkins", Black Lightning" or "Black Vulcan" as "Mystery Hero".