Flappy48 is a game developed by Dan Moran.broxxar.itch.io

The popularity of video games Flappy Bird and 2048 has now resulted in a new game, Flappy48 where elements from both these games are fused.

Players will have to navigate through the gaps provided to collect the numbered square that resembles the ones in 2048. The gameplay and physics of Flappy48 resembles that of Flappy Bird.

Players have to combine the squares in multiple of twos. Players will have to navigate through adding it up, else the block will become like a long snake, similar to the old mobile game Snake, where the blocks form a long chain trailing it. And the entire chain has to be passed, via these gaps.

The game has many elements that are similar to the mechanics of Threes, where a players combines the blocks to the multiples of three.

As reported earlier, Flappy Bird reached a high point in gaming history, after it went viral and had to be taken down by its Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen, after he found that the game had become too addictive and became a problem for everyone. Like a mom tweeting Nguyen saying her son is not focusing on studies, or the alleged story of an elder brother killing his younger one, because he had higher score than him.

The game was developed by Dan Moran, a student of Computer Science at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

"I created Flappy48, it wasn't for a jam, but it was made in less than a day and is a tribute to the massively popular games: Flappy Bird and 2048," Moran wrote on his official website.

The game is free and players need to install Unity Players to access the game.

Play Flappy 48 on web hereDownload for Android devices here.

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