Clumsy Bird
After Flappy Bird, try out Clumsy Bird.Google Play

Flappy Bird, the extremely addictive mobile game from Vietnam-based developer, Dong Nguyen, has ceased to exist in the Google Play and iTunes Stores.

A search for Flappy Bird game on both Google Play Store and iTunes Store clearly shows that Nguyen has followed his declaration on Twitter that the game will be pulled down in 22 hours.

 It has been one of the most difficult yet highly addictive games that had hit the numero uno position on iOS most-downloaded chart and was earning an average of $50,000 a day from advertising.

Nguyen had earlier tweeted that he was "sorry" and the game will be taken down in 22 hours since he could not take it anymore. The tweets had sent a sudden chill on every Flappy Bird gamer, who were astonished at this sudden turn of events.

Was it the legal complications that made Nguyen remove the games? A couple of friends of Nguyen had reportedly said that there was a warning letter from Japanese game developer, Nintendo. 

However, Nintendo has called this a rumor. "It sounds very much like a rumor, and if it is, we certainly can't comment on that," a representative told Reuters.

Meanwhile, the developer has made it clear that his decision was not related to anything legal and also added that he was not selling off the game either.

People who have already downloaded it can still play the game on their Android and iPhone devices.

The game rose from relative obscurity since its creation in mid-2013 to a sudden boom that made it go viral and started debates on what a real game is.

He had also observed that people were overusing the game. There were also rumors that a Chicago teenager was arrested after he killed his brother (stabbing him 17 times) for reaching a high score in the Flappy Bird game.

Alternative Games to Flappy Bird

Now that the Flappy Bird is gone, people will need games that are similar to it to feed their addiction.

Below are some the game that are similar to it and any Flappy Bird game addict is likely to love these too:

1. Clumsy Bird - This is a mobile game that is similar to Flappy Bird, where the bird has to survive after its eggs have been stolen by a dragon and the bird has to be tapped through obstacles (trees) to get their eggs back. The game is easy to play and has one touch controls. The graphics are more detailed. Download the Android version of the game here.

2. Flappy Wings - This is a similar looking game, where players have to tap to fly and get the bird to evade the pipes. The game has a catchy soundtrack and there are multiple backgrounds and improves on the Flappy Bird game. Download the Android version of the game here.

3. Flappy Fish - Players have to navigate the small fish by tapping through and avoiding the obstacles. The game has beautiful backgrounds making it the game very exciting. Download that Android version here.

4. Ironpants - This allows the players to make their Ironpants fly though the boxes of obstacles with one touch control and one goal, which is to score high points. Take Ironpants, your superhero though the dense city. Download the iPhone version here.

5. Super Ball Juggling - This game is from the developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen and is as simple as Flappy Bird itself. Players have to tap the screen to kick and not let the ball fall on the ground. The basic goal is to collect atleast 4 medals and Ngugen has warned that the game is a difficult one. Download the iPhone version of the game here