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Flappy Bird, the indie game that has suddenly become popular and has topped charts, has now reached another popular indie game from Mojang Studios, Minecraft.

Flappy Bird has been recreated in Minecraft by a new mode that shows pipes and players. It can set the difficulty level with randomized stages in 3D style of the block-builder game. The video was spotted by Kotaku. The Flappy Bird mod has been created by Minecraft expert, CodeCrafted.

"The unexplainable popular mobile game, Flappy Bird, recreated in Minecraft. I find it less frustrating to play than the mobile version. Game play is slightly different. Instead of tapping a screen you can tap your jump key until it breaks," said CodeCrafted. The mod can be downloaded at Planet Minecraft.

(YouTube Courtesy: CodeCrafted)

Mojang Details Snapshot 14w06b

Mojang Studios has released a post highlighting a new snapshot and the list of bugs that have been fixed.

The list includes lot of fixes like game crashing when breaking some of the blocks and shadow in inventory.

Below is the complete Changelog of the fixed issues (Mojang):

  •  [Bug MC-19886] - Plants don't cause an update when the block beneath is broken/light level changed
  •  [Bug MC-46579] - Tools and swords are to high up on the arm in 3rd person mode
  •  [Bug MC-47427] - Game crashes when breaking some blocks
  •  [Bug MC-47428] - Weird slimeblock texture
  •  [Bug MC-47429] - I don't get what happened, i was in my test world flying around and it crashed, for two times
  •  [Bug MC-47430] - When i click on a previous 1.8 snapshot world it crashes
  •  [Bug MC-47434] - Wrong dirt texture
  •  [Bug MC-47438] - Game crash while killing slimes
  •  [Bug MC-47440] - Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive
  •  [Bug MC-47442] - Shadow in Inventory
  •  [Bug MC-47448] - Standing in minecarts
  •  [Bug MC-47457] - Mining blocks causes crash
  •  [Bug MC-47459] - Pistons not placing correctly
  •  [Bug MC-47464] - Block side shading not being applied in Fast with no smooth lighting
  •  [Bug MC-47466] - Crash "Tesselating block in world" with following world seed
  •  [Bug MC-47468] - Constant Crash back to MC Launcher Screen
  •  [Bug MC-47469] - Cactus in pot shows incorrect texture
  •  [Bug MC-47470] - Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
  •  [Bug MC-47471] - Weird visual flash bug when mining Glowstone / Block mine crash
  •  [Bug MC-47477] - Smooth Lighting OFF
  •  [Bug MC-47482] - Signs display Redstone Block particle when broken
  •  [Bug MC-47489] - Fishing rod does not cast
  •  [Bug MC-47492] - The Brightness.. or shading.. broken..
  •  [Bug MC-47505] - Slimes shadow
  •  [Bug MC-47542] - Capes doesn't display correctly when crouched

Apart from the above fixes, there have been changes made to the survival,  where a lot of mob Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been changed.

Changes have also been made for the mapmakers:

  •  Added an optional hotkey to show outlines on players whilst spectating
  •  It's now possible to spawn in ItemEntities that can't be picked up (PickupDelay=32767)
  •  It's now possible to spawn in ItemEntities that won't expire (Age=-32768)
  •  Added an extra argument to /effect that will hide particles
  •  Statistics for items/blocks can now be referenced per name, instead of ID
  •  Added new objective criteria 'trigger', and a command /trigger to use with them (intended for tellraw links)
  •  Added the ability to reset a single score on a player through /scoreboard
  •  Added new objective criteria for team-specific kills (teamkill.red, killedByTeam.blue)
  •  Added the ability to iterate over every scoreboard player with * in /scoreboard commands
  •  Added data tag to items to allow placing of certain blocks against other blocks in adventure mode (/give @p stone 16 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:diamond_block"]})
  •  Added data tag to items to hide certain parts of the tooltip (HideFlags, bit field of 1/enchantments, 2/modifiers, 4/unbreakable, 8/candestroy, 16/canplace)

 Fan creates Features-Length Movie

A Minecraft fan has created a full-feature length movie titled "Birth of Man." The project by co-creator Brandon Laatsch, is on the Kickstarter Campaign (goal of $600,000) and already has 811 backers, reported Kotaku.

The movie's trailer is out and readers can check it below:

(YouTube Courtesy: RocketJump)