Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird might returnwikimedia commons

Vietnam-based Dong Nguyen, the creator of the hit and phenomenal mobile game Flappy Bird, has hinted he might bring back the game that he pulled down from online stores.

Nguyen gave a rare interview to Rolling Stone for its March edition and revealed his pain and success, after Flappy Bird topped the charts on Android and iTunes stores. The game made a good deal of money, generating $50,000 a day in ad revenue.

"Seeing the game on top, I felt amazing," said Nguyen. "I couldn't be too happy. I don't know why," he adds.

One of the major reasons he had to pull the product off the shelves is due to the feedback he received from users. Users from around the world started to abuse him on social media. He has saved the messages which were highly critical on his cell phone. He took many of the messages to heart. One of the messages read: "13 kids at my school broke their phones because of your game, and they still play it cause it's addicting like crack."

Nguyen, who used to play Counter-Strike in high school and bungled his tests because of the game, understood clearly what the user said.

He also disliked the newfound fame as he was reportedly identified whenever he went out. He also vented out his frustration with the media on Twitter. "It is something I never want. Please give me peace."

Later on 10 February, he eventually pulled down the game that did not let him sleep properly and eat well.

He was asked if Flappy Bird will be able to fly again? "I'm considering it," he said. However, the new game, if it will ever re-releases, will have a 'warning' message telling players to "Please take a break".

Since the original game was pulled down many theories started circulating that he committed suicide and was slapped with a legal notice from Nintendo, since Flappy Bird resembled Mario Bros.

He also said that the game's simple design was the reason many developers were able to clone the game effortlessly. Currently, there are a host of Flappy Bird clone games on iTunes and Android platforms.

(Edited by Vishnuprasad S Pillai)