You have been working very hard and thoroughly preparing for those nerve wracking exams in school, are you still lagging behind in your scores? While hard work certainly pays, there are few tricks that will ensure good marks in your test. 


The first and foremost trick is to concentrate in class when your teacher is teaching. The lecture points given by teacher are the best notes you can use while studying. The teacher knows the subject well, and he/she explains the subject in a simple format to help you understand it without difficulty.


Avoid bunking classes. Sure it is fun to bunk classes but not always. Attend all your classes regularly and do not miss lectures, which will help you prepare for your coming tests. Skipping classes and taking notes from your friend later, will not help you understand the chapter as easily as the lecture does.


Create a timetable so that you not only finish the subject on time but will also have a chance for those last minute revisions. Make sure you do not rush through the subject.

Group Studies

While group studies might be a common trend in schools, they do not help your preparations. Studying with your friends is fun, but the fun can stretch into gossip, playing video games, chatting and talking. Group studies can waste your time, which can otherwise be utilized to complete a whole subject. Many educationists do not recommend group studies.

Eat Well

Most importantly, eat well before entering the exam hall. The food you intake should energize you. Hungry pangs will result in you losing your concentration. Nevertheless, avoid eating carbohydrates, which will make you sleepy.