If you haven't still seen the previously released Mad Max movie, "Mad Max Fury Road", we recommend you to do so. But if you have already watched it, we are sure your enthusiasm has been boosted manifold in anticipation of the upcoming Mad Max game. 

While Fury Road took the box office by storm when it hit theatres last month, we are expecting something similar for its game iteration as well. We are also sure the game will be different from the official movie plot. But for starters, expect lots of savagery, loss of sanity and a final salvation.

But is the game that big a deal? What's the proof that it will be as massive at its movie counterpart? Well, here are five simple reasons why the Mad Max game will be totally worth it and why you should play it when it is released. 

Chum's Got Your Back

Max may be wandering in the apocalyptic wastelands in search of vengeance and salvation, but there will always someone in the world to watch over him. Well, maybe "watch over him" is sort of a heavy term, but know that Max will never be alone in his journeys; he will be assisted by a host of characters (including factions) he will interact with. As gathered from the previous trailers, it seems a weird-looking character called Chum Bucket will accompany Max during his journeys. Chum basically is the narrative voice of the game and will keep his trap open 24/7, since Max himself is a man of few words. Chum's job is to follow Max, help in marking points of interest on the map for Max and provide Max with tips when on a mission. Oh, did we mention Chum's your certified car mechanic who will look to spice up Max's ride as much as possible?

Endless Vehicle Customisation

When Max is out in the wastelands, he shall require a vehicle that suits the terrain. To help him, his trusty Magnum Opus does one heck of a job, but there's more to it than meets the eye here. Max will have access to his own specific garage where he can upgrade vehicles (including the Magnum Opus) to his heart's content. The vehicles can be upgraded depending on the kind of XP points you have gathered during your journeys. You can fit vehicles with major firepower, including LMGs on the bonnet of the car, apart from employing more powerful engines with beefed up horsepower. As we said, the possibilities are endless.

Dedicated Character Upgrades 

For the Mad Max game, it isn't only the Magnum Opus that you can upgrade. Max himself will be open to a host of upgrades that will then offer a number of useful abilities at his disposal. The game will be released with a dedicated skill and upgrading tree that will only keep improving, depending on how many XP points you can gather from your travels.

Plethora of Combat Tactics

There are a number of ways Max can approach his enemies and engage in combat, depending on the enemy he faces in the barren, harsh wastelands of Mad Max. Max can employ both vehicular as well as hand-to-hand combat, given that he will be armed with grenades and guns. Fans will be happy to know that there are more than 1,000 weapons and weapon combinations to choose from, although Max's personal favourite remains his trusty shotgun. It should also be remembered that the wastelands are harsh and may not offer you the kind of ammo drops you are hoping for, indirectly letting you explore the possibilities in hand-to-hand combat. If you think hand-to-hand combat is boring, then do you know you could break a few arms, shatter some bones and perform brutal take-downs?

The Insane, 80-minute Gameplay Video 

Here's a video evidence for the game that we talked about in a nutshell. Check it out for more details about the game's car combat, customisation, combat and much more.

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive, Mad Max is set to be released on 1 September for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned for more updates!