PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 will release in 15 November.wikicommons

Sony is set to release its next-generation console PlayStation 4 in November. Several games for the console are slated for a 2014 release, though some have now been delayed.

Below are some of the PlayStation 4 exclusive games that will be released in 2014:


This PlayStation 4 exclusive online multiplayer is a racing video game that is set to concentrate on road racing. Players will be able to race as a team with PlayStation Plus network and they will also be able to use the "share" feature. This game is expected to rival Grid 2.

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inFamous: Second Son

This is an action-adventure game and the third one in the series. Players will control Delsin Rowe with a set of special powers. The game is set seven years after the last game in the series and will use Seattle, Washington as its background.

Developer Sucker Punch Productions has stated in interviews that Rowe's power is to absorb the abilities of other conduits or super humans. By channelising this power, Rowe will fight his enemies.

The game is expected to be released in February 2014.

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The Order: 1886

This action-adventure video game provides players with an Steampunk version of late 1800's London, where an order of knights keep the human race safe from half monsters. King Arthur leads the fight against these creatures who have great power. But industrial revolution changes the war dynamics from that of the creatures.However, humans have to deal with problems within. The game allows players four kinds of classes, with the possibility of co-operative gaming experience.

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MLB 14: The Show

This is Sony's annual baseball series video game and there is a possibility of it releasing on other PlayStation consoles, such as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, as well. It is not sure what kind of improvements will feature in this game.

Yakuza Ishin:

This is samurai game where players will follow the path of the protagonist, leaving a trail of bloody fights as he travels across Japan. Presently the game is scheduled for Japan release. But it might make its way to North America and Europe as well. Players will control the samurai in a feudal Japan.

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