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Scott Cawthon, developer of the survival horror video game "Five Nights At Freddy," has revealed the first trailer of an upcoming video game called "Sister Location," which is said to be a spin-off of "Five Nights At Freddy."

The trailer brings to fore another of Scott Cawthon's survival horror video games, with the opening sequence highlighting the game's core gameplay, "Fear. Panic. Dread. Terror." It also shows glimpses of "Five Nights At Freddy" and progresses into gameplay of "Sister Location."

We are shown glimpses of an elevator, a viewpoint window, and players crawling through vents. Fans are introduced to new monster characters — four new animatronic robots.

According to Gameranx, the difference between these monster robots and those in the previous game is the new ones have a chrome finish. One animatronic monster robot is Freddy Fazbear, which is seen with an attachment of a rabbit puppet and a microphone. The other robot that is recognisable is Foxy. Other monsters were a humanoid ballerina and one called the Sister.

Since the trailer's release, it has fetched 2,166,956 views so far.

The developer is expected to release more details eventually. But the trailer noted that "Sister Location" will release "this fall."