Five members of a family were arrested in Florida, and cash and 'trafficking amounts' of morphine, crack cocaine and marijuana meant for sale seized from them, as part of a crackdown on drug traffickers. 

The arrests were made by the Bradford County Sheriff's Office with assistance from the Starke Police Department and Lawtey Police Department in Lawtey area of Florida.

According the Facebook Post by the Sheriff's Office, the bust was part of an operation which began several months ago. It is understood that the Sheriff's Drug Unit was looking into the numerous complaints from the community regarding the drug deals occurring in the area.

Three search warrants have been served at three separate residences in the Lawtey area, leading to the arrest of five family members involved in the business.

Bradford County Sheriff's Office arrests five members of a family for drug trafficking
Philip L. Lee, Veronica S. Wilkinson, Charles E. Lee, Travis H. Lee and Ernest Williams JR.Facebook/ Bradford County Sheriff's Office

50-year-old Philip L. Lee, 32-year-old Veronica S. Wilkinson, 52-year-old Charles E. Lee, 30-year-old Travis H. Lee and 53-year-old Ernest Williams JR are suspected of dealing in drugs for many years and allegedly played a major part in trafficking drugs from Jacksonville into the Bradford County area.

Sheriff Gordon Smith, who was present during the early morning raids, thanked the officers from Starke and Lawtey Police Departments, who helped bust the drug ring. "The cooperation with the Starke and Lawtey Police Departments was appreciated and shows the coordinated efforts with Bradford County law enforcement to combat drugs in our community," he said.

Bradford County Sheriff's Office arrests five members of a family for drug trafficking