Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung

South Korean technology house Samsung unveiled Galaxy S3 smartphone on May 3. The successor to Galaxy S2 was one of the most anticipated smartphones in 2012.

Samsung says Galaxy S3 that runs on Google's latest Operating System (OS) is "designed for humans, it goes beyond smart and fulfills your needs by thinking as you think, acting as you act." Yes, the new Samsung entrant has pushed the mobile technology up a notch, with wide-range of features that allows you to perform various tasks effortlessly and you will keep discovering better ways to use it.

Here is a list of five interesting tasks you can perform with Galaxy S3.

S Voice: This is the Samsung's counterpart to iPhone Siri, which works on verbal commands of the user and perform accordingly. On S Voice, the user can set an alarm and put it off. Attend or reject the incoming calls and even verbally get the handset to click pictures.

Tag your buddy photos on social sites: Method of tagging your friends pictures on social websites would never be the same again. The Galaxy S3 user don't have to personally tag the names of the people figured in a picture, instead the new Galaxy would do that for its user.

The phone is equipped with face recognition technology, which will identify faces based on user's group profile and links the pictures for the user to his/her social media streams.

Direct Call: Direct call features can predict the user's next move and make things easier. In case in last minute you decide to do away with messing and ring up the person instead, you don't have to fumble your fingers on number pad or go to call logs or contact to dial it. Just stop drafting the SMS and take the mobile to your ear and direct call will dial their number for you.

S Beam: This feature is an advanced way of sharing the contents from your phone to another.

As Samsung says S Beam will allow the quick connectivity between phones so you can transfer documents, contacts, pictures, music, videos, you name it. Just put the backs of your phones together, connect, share and enjoy.

AllShare Cast: This is one such feature of Galaxy S3 that might exceed the expectations of the gamers.

AllShareCast feature do a playstation for you as well. It enables you to mirror your phone display onto your television screen without any wires attached. Gamers can play using their handset's buttons as "controller with gesture" after the game they are playing appears on television screen. Isn't it cool!

So once you have your awaited Galaxy S3 in your hands, jump off on features and enjoy performing all these tasks. And keep on exploring more and more ways to use the new version of the Galaxy phone.