"Fitoor" is looking different and edgy, but those aren't the only reasons that should prompt you to book your movie tickets.

The lead pair's chemistry

Many moons ago, Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur did an ad film together which hardly clicked with the audience. some may have even forgotten about it. So technically the fresh pairing is making for a good highlight. Stunningly beautiful people, both artistes are in great shape and paint a pretty picture when matching steps to soulful numbers.

The Amita Trivedi magic

Just when most thought this guy had lost his touch, he springs back into action to give music enthusiasts an album which is gold. "Yeh Fitoor Mera", "Tere Liye" and "Pashmina" are already on people's most-played songs' list.


Her gazes and stares from the trailer and sneak peeks have everyone talking. She's playing Kaif's mother, which is another interesting aspect of the film. Just to enjoy the magic her crackling screen presence creates and how her character has been presented on screen should be solid points to get that ticket now.


It will be interesting to watch Bollywood's take on Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations". Director Abhishek Kapoor told The Huffington Post he had read it way back in school and re-read it a few years later. "It's a classic story that has been adapted many times [by the likes of David Lean, Alfonso Cuarón, and Mike Newell] and I loved the BBC series, but I think we've done some things and added a new dimension to it that I don't think you'll see in any other version," he said. When the captain of the ship is this confident about his craft, there has to be a way you can get yourself to the theatres this Friday.

Stunning locales

Set in Kashmir, the trailer, for the most part, boasts of Chinar trees, snow-capped valleys and everything magical the state stands for. Having captured such soothing visuals, it won't be surprising if the man behind the camera picked up a trophy or two coming award season.

"Fitoor" hits screens Feb. 12, Friday.