Vasu Mittal
Vasu MittalPR Handout

Social media Influencer and entrepreneur, Vasu Mittal- CEO & Founder of VM Nutrition, has been into the fitness industry for a quite long time now. He has tansformed more than 1000 people and is the youngest most featured Indian on International pages.

Talking about his fitness journey, Vasu says, "It all started in summer 2011 when my father asked me to do a few push-ups in my room and I remember I failed terribly. I literally couldn't do one. However, the drive and my willingness to improve kept making me try everyday. I really wanted a change but everything was very challenging since I was a 90 pound skinny guy who had no strength whatsoever. Initially when I started training, everyone told me I was wasting my time — 'as if you're gonna get big'. To be honest, my goal was never to look muscular or even stand out as that was something that I thought I could never achieve. I just wanted to look normal, as I was often been told 'you have to eat, you have nothing in your body'."

"Regardless of that situation I had perseverance and willpower to do things. I kept on trying and I kept on getting better. I fell in love with it and my passion grew crazy. Later, my father got me a pair of dumbbells to do even more and then a gym membership since I was really keen to continue this as my lifestyle. It has been 8 years now and honestly it's incredible to watch this journey unfold in front of my eyes," adds Mittal.

Ask him about the use of steroids in body building, he says, "Steroids are a part of professional bodybuilding and we can't deny it. You need to go down that road if you really wish to compete and appear that level of lean and freaky. What saddens me is the casual use at the gyms with absolute no knowledge of anything. Local trainers brainwashing teenagers that you have to have this instead of teaching them right nutrition, training, and principles. Just for the sake of few bucks, they are deteriorating health and playing with lives. I know in today's world everybody wants everything instant but you gonna be smart enough to understand that it's not possible through right means. If something's going up too fast, it surely is gonna hit ground too soon. People need to understand that steroids are serious and you cannot just take them and say 'oh I know how to wash out', that's bullshit. I always say direction is much more important than speed and many are going nowhere. Achieving an aesthetically pleasing physique is absolutely possible naturally if you work hard and be patient."