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Noted fitness wearables maker Fitbit announced on Thursday, January 25, that it was going to end its support for the Pebble smartwatch ecosystem in June this year.

In its blog post, Fitbit revealed that it was planning to end the support in December last year but gave the Pebble smartwatch an extension of six more months.

Fitbit smartwatch

Fitbit wrote in its blog post: "Pebble users are passionate about their smartwatches. With that in mind, Fitbit is extending its support of the Pebble smartwatch ecosystem for six more months, to June 30, 2018. During this time, we invite the Pebble community to explore how familiar highlights from the Pebble ecosystem are evolving on the Fitbit platform, from apps and clock faces to features and experiences."

Pebble smartwatch
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It's not like Pebble devices and mobile applications will stop working after the deadline of the June 30. But many of the features will be retired from the devices, like the Pebble app store, voice recognition features, CloudPebble development tool, SMS and email replies with iOS and the Pebble forum.

"There will be no further updates to Pebble's mobile apps for iOS and Android. The latest versions of both Pebble apps remain compatible with current versions of iOS (iOS 11) and Android (8.1 "Oreo"). Users should note that it's possible for future iOS or Android updates to break Pebble compatibility," the company said.

Fitbit is now more focused on it upcoming fitness wearable. Last week it launched its first fitness tracker for 2018 in India. The wearable is known as Fitbit Iconic, and priced at Rs 22,990. The latest wearable will be available in the Indian market from February 2018.