Renowned Tamil actor Kamal Haasan, celebrated for his versatile roles spanning over 230 films in various languages, is set to break new ground by portraying a character with negative shades in his upcoming Telugu film, 'Kalki.' This marks a significant departure from his illustrious career, where he has predominantly essayed positive and multifaceted roles.

Kamal Haasan, often hailed as a superstar, has never before embraced the role of an antagonist, showcasing his commitment to diverse and impactful storytelling. While he did portray a character with grey shades in the yesteryear Telugu hit 'Indrudu Chandrudu,' his role as a corrupt Mayor who repents for his misdeeds highlighted his ability to navigate complex characters.

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Chennai,Actor,Makkal Needhi Maiam Party Chief,Kamal Haasan,IANS

An industry insider suggests, "In 'Kalki,' Kamal Haasan will be delving into his evil side, portraying a character with negative shades. Despite the film featuring an ensemble cast, including stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika, Kamal is bound to seize the spotlight in this sci-fi thriller."

Highlighting Kamal Haasan's historical impact on Telugu cinema, the source emphasizes that he was the first Tamil hero to establish a significant presence in the Telugu states during the 70s and 80s. Kamal not only ventured into straight Telugu films such as 'Sommu Okkadi Sokku Okkadi,' 'Sagara Sangamam,' and 'Swathi Muthyam,' but also left an indelible mark on the hearts of Telugu movie buffs.

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The insider reflects on Kamal Haasan's enduring popularity in Telugu-speaking regions, stating, "Most of Kamal Haasan's movies, dubbed into Telugu, became box office hits. Films like 'Bharateeyudu,' 'Bhamane Satya Bhamane,' and 'Dasavatharam' showcased his crowd-pulling prowess. He consistently proved that he was not only a star but an actor par excellence, excelling in both star-centric and content-driven movies."

As Kamal Haasan embarks on this new cinematic venture with 'Kalki,' anticipation builds around his portrayal of a character with negative shades, undoubtedly adding a layer of complexity and intrigue to his illustrious filmography.