Jurassic World teaser release
Jurassic World teaser releaseScreenshot/Youtube

Gates to the Jurassic Park will finally open after a long wait of 22 Years. Universal has released a short teaser for the upcoming "Jurassic World" film.

The sequel to Steven Spielberg's 1993 "Jurassic Park", Colin Trevorrow's "Jurassic World" takes place in a new theme park in the fictional tropical island Isla Nublar near Costa Rica populated with cloned dinosaurs.

The 20-second teaser released on 23 November begins with the slow opening of the heavy gates to the new park and goes on to show visitors driving amid running dinosaurs. Nick Robinson of "The Kings of Summer" fame and Ty Simpkins of "Iron Man 3", who play brothers in the film, are seen admiring the dinosaurs from inside a futuristic vehicle shaped like a bubble.

Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Claire and sombre-looking Chris Pratt, who plays Owen, a member of the Jurassic Park's on-site staff are seen next. Teaser ends with the legendary theme park's logo and the announcement that the trailer would be premiered during Thanksgiving Day football at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.

While the teaser release has caused a huge wave of excitement in the internet world, many are unhappy with the CGI effects, like Ho Dor, who posted, "This CGI sucks...You can definitely tell that the dinosaurs aren't real" and Fabio Martins who commented, "All these CGI looks very bad! This seems like a teaser to a computer game. Look at that gate! Ridiculous".

The complications of incorporating CGI technology, however, are not lost on many fans. For example Jones 6192 is upset that viewers look at 20 seconds of footage from the movie and are rushing to badmouth it.

"To every person who is damning the film just thanks to the CG in this trailer being not up to your standards: CGI is an extremely difficult, time-consuming, elaborate art in and of itself. And for blockbusters like this with heavy usage of it, they need extra-time to tackle the effects, hence they often begin post-production work really early to make the release date. And when it comes to trailers this early out, they often have to scramble to whip up half-decent-looking effects shots but still don't have the time to make perfect photo-real shots as you'd see in the final movie. There are many examples of this with other trailers in the past, and I am completely confident that the final film will feature utterly fantastic dinosaur effects both in CG and with Stan Winston's studio animatronics... (sic)"

The "Jurassic World" team has also taken to Twitter to announce the trailer release for the film, which is executive produced by Steven Spielberg and has a release date of 12 June, 2015.