The scheduled release date for Demi Lovato's music video "Cool for the Summer" is still a couple of days away, but the singer posted a teaser for the sizzling MV via her instagram page on Monday, 20 July.

In the short clip, Demi is seen riding in a red car with her girls before strutting the party hall in her bondage bikini and denim shorts. She definitely looks "Cool for the Summer" or rather very hot for the summer.

The bondage bikinis she has been wearing as a way to promote "Cool for the Summer" has not gone unnoticed by the fans, and fans are definitely ecstatic to see the entire video. Most of the fans responded with "I'M EXCITED" comment (do not miss the full caps font, which is a testament to the level of excitement).

Demi was recently seen performing at the MLB All-Star game in Cincinnato on 11 July, where Ariana Grande was first scheduled to perform. After Demi sang her 2013 single "Made in the USA" and asked her audience "How many of you guys are proud to be an American?", many claimed she was dissing Grande, who was seen making some cavalier Anti-American comments.

Demi, however, cleared the air by claiming she sang the song in celebration of Fourth of July (which had only just passed by) and that the question is something she asks her fans whenever she sings "Made in the USA".

Demi is quickly becoming one of the most responsible and sensible child actors-turned-singers and is definitely proud of her rising career graph. With the teaser out, we can only anticipate how awesome the full music video for "Cool for the Summer" will be.