In yet another bizarre incident, two men were arrested by the London Police for licking their hands before wiping them over meat, vegetables and fridge handles in a supermarket.

The loathsome incident was reported in Sainsbury's in Morecambe, Lancashire. The CCTV footages showed two men walking into the store, licking their hands and then wiping those hands over the meat and vegetables, further on the fridge handles too.

cctv footages
cctv footages of men in store

An 'utterly despicable' act!

The staff was forced to thoroughly disinfect the Lancaster Road store and destroy products, said the police.The police officers commended the contemptible incident "utterly despicable".

According to Insp James Martin, "That anyone could think this sort of behaviour is appropriate or amusing, even in normal times, is beyond me. But at this time of crisis when many people have been faced with empty shelves in shops it is flabbergasting."

Lancashire Police has now released CCTV images of two suspects and appealed for information.

In a similar incident reported before in Belgium, a train passenger was arrested for licking his fingers and wiping them on a vertical handrail.


Drunken man licks pole in train

The video of the contemptible act was filmed by a fellow traveller and got posted in social media. The man, apparently drunk, was seen pulling down a face mask he was wearing and then appeared to put his fingers in his mouth and lick them before rubbing them on the pole.

The WHO has advised people not to touch their face with unwashed hands and to maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between anyone coughing or sneezing.

train passenger licks the pole
train passenger licks the pole

Netizens are terribly repulsed by these videos and wonder what makes people act so detestable amid such a life threatening crisis due to coronavirus pandemic.  

Watch the video of train passenger licking the pole: